Integrated office renovation

«INCOM-Progress» offers turnkey office renovation services in Moscow. The team of professionals will perform quality work within a short period of time.
The productivity of the staff depends largely on the quality of the work area and with it – the profit of the company.
It is not enough to simply buy good material and employ professional workers. It is necessary to consider certain nuances and features of the premises, properly choose the coating for the walls, ceilings and floors.
There are several tasks before designing:

Providing a favorable atmosphere. The type of lighting and the light used indoors affect the mood and workability of people. Therefore, it is essential to properly choose wallpapers or wall paint and lighting objects.
Providing an appropriate sound environment. This issue is of more importance during the renovation of large office premises in which many people are to work. It is necessary to use a special sound-dampening material in them. Otherwise, constant noise will have an adverse effect on the mood of employees and constantly disturb them.
Creating an appropriate microclimate. It is essential to pay attention on ventilation and air-conditioning equipment when renovating offices. Professionally designed and installed systems will create comfortable conditions for work.
Providing the required level of fire safety. To achieve that, apart from electronic devices, special construction materials are used to ensure passive safety.
Our specialists are capable of making full renovation of small and large office premises. This means that they not only perform finishing work, but also draft utilities and air-conditioning networks, help the customer to choose materials at optimal costs and quality, cooperate with designers for the precise realization of complex projects.
The aim of the office renovation is discussed individually. The workload, the state of the premises at start, temporary limitations and other factors affect it. For example, the overhaul costs are higher than a simple office furnishing. The specialist will be able to name the preliminary cost for the whole workload and materials after visiting the place.
We offer the opportunity to order high quality renovation works in Moscow at low costs. Customers receive the following services:
• Integrated office renovation;

• The possibility to order the whole set of services in one place;

• Quick response to the order; • Approval of the company management.

Our customers include the following – large companies like MANGO, PROMOD, «ALEF» as well as state institutions; renovation is completed quickly through the use of modern equipment; supplementary servicing of the premises can be ordered; Specialists can consulted for any issue.