Monolithic works of any complexity

If you need to quickly and efficiently carry out monolithic work, please contact the company «INCOM-Progress».
Our experts perfectly know all the nuances of the technological processes involved and ensure compliance with all current standards and requirements.
The services of the company are in demand for a wide range of applications: for small and multi-storey buildings, the construction of support structures, the partitions for industrial, commercial and public facilities.
Advantages of ordering monolithic work
•    Ready-made structures are durable; their life-time attains 200 years.
•    They provide a favorable cost of construction by reducing the time, there is no need to expect shrinkage.
•    They comply with fire safety requirements and are seismologically resistant.
•    They provide excellent soundproofing for facilities through a seamless structure of the material.
Carrying monolithic work opens up opportunities for the realization of complex projects. Using this technology, it is possible to build structures of different configurations, as well as create unique design in objects when organizing interior space of facilities.
The process consists of the following steps:
•    Monolithic work in Moscow
•    shuttering devices (removable or non-removable) to pour concrete;
•    mounting of a reinforcement cage;
•    pouring concrete solution using deep and surface vibrators;
•    removing the shuttering system (removable).
Prices for repair and construction operations depend on the complexity of the design, the type of materials, the level of professionalism of craftsmen. Our specialists have years of experience in monolithic works. We guarantee timely execution of tasks, high quality services and the use of modern machinery.