Installation of heating systems of any type

«INCOM-Progress» provides a full range of construction works, including the installation of heating in houses, flats and commercial premises. We perform on a turnkey principle: from design to sales service. The list of services includes the installation of the following elements of the heating system:
•    Boiler equipment, including heating coppers, regardless of their structure;
•    convector and radiator heating;
•    “Warm floor” systems.
What do you get by contacting us?
In a short period of time, you will be presented the project with exact calculations of all possible costs of the work and materials, as well as a detailed plan of work on the installation of the heating system.
You will be able to express your wishes regarding the project. The final sum is subject to change if materials are replaced with more accessible counterparts.
After the installation is complete, you will get a reliable heating system with a long warranty period.


Mounting heating systems in Moscow
The first stage – design. This is a required set of actions that allows you to pre-assess the extent of the work and the major cost. During design, the boiler, its type and power are selected. The equipment type is selected depending on the available energy sources (gas, electricity, solid fuel), and power – the room size and climatic conditions. Based on the selected boiler and the features of the project, consumables are selected.
Once the project is approved by the customer, we proceed directly to the installation of the heating system. In this case we use professional equipment and take into account the characteristics of the premise in which the work is done. In particular, we select optimal suitable fasteners and use a variety of installation methods. All work is done by experienced specialists.
You can simply call us to order or send us an email.
The phone number and mail address are specified in section “Contacts”. You can also visit our office in Moscow.