Lnstallation of drainage

«INCOM-Progress» performs all sorts of construction works, including the installation of drainage systems for any facility: commercial and residential buildings, country houses.
In addition to the wastewater included in the sewage system, we are ready to provide services for the arrangement of drainage systems and storm-water systems.
The installation of sewage systems and drainage occurs in several steps:
1.    Drafting the project and the estimate. The first document contains the pipe layout plan (hidden and external). If necessary, our experts will advise the customer on the selection of equipment and materials. We make estimates, which precisely calculates the cost of works.
2.    Preparation. At this point we import equipment and materials, if necessary, we dismantle the old system.
3.    The mounting of the drainage system itself. Our specialists mount the pipes according to plan and install additional equipment if necessary.
4.    Commissioning. We test the system after mounting as a mandatory procedure.
•    You get an operational sewage system in a short period of time.
•    You will receive a long warranty period.
•    You will have a maintenance team at your disposal.