Lnstalling water-supply

«INCOM-Progress» provides installation services for water-supply and other utilities. In addition to the installation, we are ready to provide consulting services on the selection of equipment and water pipes. All work is done in accordance with applicable building codes.
Before starting the installation of water-supply, we plan all the details of the future system:
•    We choose the method of connecting pipes (press connection or collets);
•    We determine the necessary level of protection of pipes from corrosion, mechanical damage, heat loss, and so on.
•    We select the appropriate types of pipes (metal and plastic, polypropylene, XLPE, copper), other materials and equipment;
•    We make up the water system project;
•    In case the pipe line is long, it is necessarily to envisage thermo-compensation loops;
•    If there is a need for water purification, we can install filters. Most often, such a device is used for rough water purification to protect household appliances, but we can install a more complex filtration system.
You will be given a project designed according to your wishes and the features of the room.
The plumbing work will be performed by professional installers with extensive experience in such works.
You will receive a fully operational system in a short time.
How to order installation of water supply?
Go to the section “Contacts” and choose the communication means convenient for you. You can call us or send us an email. If it is more convenient for you, visit us at the office.