About the company

LLC "Incom Progress" carries out all complex of construction and finishing and maintenance of premises of various character.

Construction and design:
We have extensive experience in the design and construction of stores, restaurants, offices and industrial premises. Our portfolio includes more than 250 successful projects, ranging from 50 to 3500 sq. m.
The Company operates a diversified and knowledgeable personnel.
The geography of construction of our facilities is very extensive - almost every major shopping center.

 Successfully implemented many projects in shopping centres "MEGA - all regions", "Gallery - all regions", "Columbus", "atrium", "Okhotny Ryad", "Rio", etc. We have close links with the administrations of these shopping centres, which allows to solve practically any task in agreement
Our capacities allow to carry out large projects simultaneously and in different cities of Russia.
Among our customers are such companies as: "Mango", "Promod", "Lacoste", INCITY, "DominosPizza", "DodoPizza", "Loreal", Public institutions and offices for various purposes.
 Also we have our own production of ventilation products, which contributes to the operational delivery of equipment to the site.
For all time of existence of our company, we never disappoint our partners.

Operation and maintenance:
Our experience and large staff for maintenance and operation allows you to respond quickly to requests from our customers. We have sufficient stock of consumables and components so that the customer does not have to wait for equipment repair.
 For more than three years we carry out the operation, we have built and other contractors, premises and structures.
We value our customers and react very quickly to requests.