Design of offices

Trust professionals with the design of your office. «INCOM-Progress» can provide quality work in a short time for any difficulty of work.

The key task of the specialist performing office design is to create good conditions for work. The following issues are solved to achieve this purpose:
Office design:
•    ensuring a productive working atmosphere. The morale and efficiency of people located in a room depend largely on the colors and the type of lighting used in a room. Therefore, we cooperate closely with your designers when designing your office;
•    creating a normal audio environment. Excessive noise pollution prevents employees to focus on work, disturbs negotiations with clients and overstrains the nervous system. Hence, the office staff get tired more during the day and are less productive at work. To avoid this, we use special sound-absorbing materials;
•    designing and installing air-conditioning and forced ventilation systems;
•    designing an autonomous heating system;
•    providing fire safety in the building.
Specialized security companies ensure electronic systems. Our team can install passive safety elements. For example, self-expanding clutch pipes between rooms, fire-resistant glass and so on.
An ill-conceived project will lead to faulty renovation, and eventually – to a waste of time and money. Therefore, we advise you to contact specialized organizations to receive office design services.
Office design in Moscow
Our company provides customers with favorable conditions for cooperation. We have competitive prices on all kinds of services. The employees of the company can not only design the office, but also completely take on the renovation work.The company has all the necessary permissions for design work. The service is provided in a short time.
To order, call us. The manager will get you an appointment with a specialist at your place at a convenient time.